Charge of the Drone Brigade


With apologies to Alfred Lord Tennyson


Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward.

Into the DCA 

Flew the six hundred.

“Forward, the Drone Brigade, 

A flight for the future,” they said. 

Into the DCA

Flew the six hundred. 


Forward the Drone Brigade.

Was there a  drone delayed?

Even the young one’s sure

They were their sisters’ future. 

Theirs not to wail and cry,

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to mate and die.

Into the DCA

Flew the six hundred. 


Drones to the left of them,

Drones to the right of them, 

Rivals in front of them

Shimmied and faltered.

No queen would be denied

Nowhere to shirk or hide,

Boldly they flew, and well,

Drawn by the  mating  smell

Upward with every breath

Into the jaws of death, 

Flew the six hundred.


Flashed all their lances fair,

Flashed as they laid them bare

Sabring the queen bees there

While all the hive wondered.

High in the afternoon smoke

‘Talians and Russians alike

Right through the line they broke 

Escaping the saber stroke …

… except a few drones who,

Shattered and sundered,

Were no longer  part of 

The dauntless six hundred.


Now that their work is done,

The colony’s future won

Ne’er shall their glory fade. 

Oh, the wild flight they made

As worker bees wondered.

Honor the flight they made,

Honor the Drone Brigade, 

Noble six hundred.

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27.11 | 16:01

Moustache, wax? Of course. Now if all of the drones had mustaches ...

27.11 | 12:43

One of our club members says he got into beekeeping in order to make his own mustache wax. There's the explanation for the bearded/mustached ABF attendees!

13.08 | 05:43

Good morning Mr. Barnes, I'm so pleased to see the best of history teachers is still going strong! Looking at your website brings back some great memories

21.05 | 07:18

Its pleasure to read about Boy Scout here. He plays vital role to serve humanity. I will share after my