Read the Label

Read the Label

Name : …………………..


Below are the directions for a hive inspection.

1. Read the following instructions before doing anything.

2. Write your name on the top of this sheet. 

3. If you are going to wear a suit and veil, it should be black.  The bees are used to animals with black fur checking out their hive. 

4.  Knock on the side of the hive with a stick, then put your ear close to the entrance and listen to see how long it takes the bees to resume a gentle hum.
5. Do not use smoke.  This way you test the true temperament of the colony.

6. Do not be afraid to gesticulate wildly so as to frighten off any inquisitive bees.

7. Shout out loudly, so the bees can hear you, “I am the leader in following instructions.”  This will let the bees know just who is in charge. 

8. Pull out the middle frame as fast as you can so as not to give the bees a chance to respond.

9. Shake the frame hard so as to knock off the bees, which will allow you to see the cells without any bees obstructing your view. 

10. If you see the queen, throw her into the air to test her ability to fly in the event of a swarm.

11. Replace the frames in a different order.  This prompts the bees to clean up after you more quickly. 

12. Do not test for varroa : the last thing you want to do is to kill the bees which are essential to controlling the invaders.

13. After you have re-assembled the hive, give it another hit with the stick, letting the bees know that you are still the boss.

14. If the bees pursue you as you walk away from the hive, turn and face them.  The last thing you want to do is to suggest to the bees that you don’t know what you are doing. 

15. Now that you have finished reading all of the instructions, do only #’s 1 and 2, and sit quietly by the front of the hive enjoying the activity of the bees as they come and go.

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27.11 | 16:01

Moustache, wax? Of course. Now if all of the drones had mustaches ...

27.11 | 12:43

One of our club members says he got into beekeeping in order to make his own mustache wax. There's the explanation for the bearded/mustached ABF attendees!

13.08 | 05:43

Good morning Mr. Barnes, I'm so pleased to see the best of history teachers is still going strong! Looking at your website brings back some great memories

21.05 | 07:18

Its pleasure to read about Boy Scout here. He plays vital role to serve humanity. I will share after my