Some Fun Facts about Beekeeping

Recently Michelle Obama shared some ‘Fun Facts About Gardening’ with David Letterman on the Late Night Show.  What if she had been talking about the hives at the White House?   Here are some little known facts about beekeeping; the reason that they are little known will quickly become apparent. 


The term ‘beekeeper’ was invented by Mr. Bernard Edward Erasmus Keeper in 1782 in England 


The best way to get wild flower honey is to fill an empty super with dried flowers and put it on the hive – the ‘potpourri principle’


A forager who grows strong from all her dancing is bearing waltz fitness


Next year the Supreme Court will finally rule on ‘Honeybee’ v ‘Honey bee’


The hive at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is known as Bee Force One


A super is so-called because of what the beekeeper says when it is full of honey 


In his/her lifetime, the average American will eat 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey 


The largest hive every assembled contained it’s own Starbucks


Because honey is sterile no calories can survive in it 


  CCD is caused by cell phones –  when bees use their cell phones while flying they have accidents 


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27.11 | 16:01

Moustache, wax? Of course. Now if all of the drones had mustaches ...

27.11 | 12:43

One of our club members says he got into beekeeping in order to make his own mustache wax. There's the explanation for the bearded/mustached ABF attendees!

13.08 | 05:43

Good morning Mr. Barnes, I'm so pleased to see the best of history teachers is still going strong! Looking at your website brings back some great memories

21.05 | 07:18

Its pleasure to read about Boy Scout here. He plays vital role to serve humanity. I will share after my