You May be a Beekeeper if

You may be a Beekeeper if ...


You’d rather assemble frames than go shopping


Your favorite flower is the dandelion


You call a friend in the middle of winter, bursting with excitement because your bees are making cleansing flights


You tell your troubles to the bees


You’d rather read a Bee Catalog than a good book


You water the clover after a rain to make sure it has enough water


You grow a plant you don’t really like because someone told you the bees like it


You’ve been kissed by the bees and gone to town with pollen on your nose 

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27.11 | 16:01

Moustache, wax? Of course. Now if all of the drones had mustaches ...

27.11 | 12:43

One of our club members says he got into beekeeping in order to make his own mustache wax. There's the explanation for the bearded/mustached ABF attendees!

13.08 | 05:43

Good morning Mr. Barnes, I'm so pleased to see the best of history teachers is still going strong! Looking at your website brings back some great memories

21.05 | 07:18

Its pleasure to read about Boy Scout here. He plays vital role to serve humanity. I will share after my