World in a Village

The World in a Village


If our world could be reduced to a village of 1000 people 

what would it look like?

There would be 

579 Asians

150 Africans

120 Europeans

81 North Americans

61 from South America

6 from Oceana


314 Christians

236 Muslims

143 Hindus

71 Buddhists

71 Confucists and Taoists

7 Shintoists

2 Jews

150 would be of a minor religion or atheist


6% receive half of the village income

16% of adults are illiterate

40% exist on less than $2 per day

40% are malnourished


And who provides honey for this village?

Just one beekeeper. 


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21.05 | 03:18

Its pleasure to read about Boy Scout here. He plays vital role to serve humanity. I will share after my

02.08 | 13:10

Hi Jeremy. I read this writing in the Pennsylvania Beekeeper newsletter. Your writing style is wonderful and so is your storytelling. Thank you for sharing.

25.12 | 13:26

Thank you, Rob. The origin of the word 'spirit' is 'breath'. Sometimes that sense of connection to something greater can quite take my breath away. Jeremy

01.12 | 18:43

I like this Jeremy,
I am a bee Keeper too. When I am working with the bees I feel connected with God , self others - the Cosmos.
Peace to you today!

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